Other State INBREs

Supported by the NCRR Division of Research Infrastructure (DRI), INBRE are intended to enhance the caliber of scientific faculty at research institutions and undergraduate schools, thereby attracting more promising students to these organizations.  INBRE is the second phase of the Biomedical Research Infrastructure Networks (BRIN) Program (which began by providing planning grants in 2001).

Each INBRE grantee establishes a multidisciplinary research network with scientific focus that will: 1) build and strengthen the lead and partner institutions' biomedical research expertise and infrastructure; 2) build and increase the research base and capacity by providing research support to faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students at the participating institutions; 3) provide research opportunities for undergraduate students and serve as a "pipeline" for them to continue in health research careers within IDeA states; 4) provide outreach activities to students at undergraduate institutions, community colleges, and tribal colleges participating in the state's network; and 5) enhance science and technology knowledge of the state's workforce.

Current INBRE States


Alaska Arkansas Delaware
Hawaii Idaho Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Maine
Mississippi Montana Nebraska
Nevada New Hampshire New Mexico
North Dakota Oklahoma Puerto Rico
Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota
Vermont West Virginia Wyoming