University of South Carolina

SC INBRE support has been leveraged to help grow research in the biomedical engineering/ regenerative medicine field at the University of South Carolina. Eleven University of South Carolina target faculty and a number of students have received funding from SC INBRE over the past decade. Most of the target faculty have subsequently obtained their own independent funding and “graduated” from the SC INBRE program. Biomedical Engineering has become one of the fastest growing undergraduate majors at the university. Through the target faculty mechanism, SC INBRE has played a critical role in the recruitment of new faculty to the University of South Carolina and allowed us to meet the educational and research demands of this growing program.  SC INBRE has also provided substantial support to core facilities at the University of South Carolina including the Bioinformatics Core, the School of Medicine Instrumentation Resource Facility, the College of Pharmacy Microarray Core Facility and the Biomedical Engineering Core Laboratory.


wayne carverDr. Wayne Carver
SC INBRE-USC Columbia Program Director
Professor and Chair
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology and Anatomy
Phone: (803) 733-3214
Fax: (803) 216-3846