DRP FAQs 2018

In the solicitation, what does CRU and PUI stand for?

  • CRU is short for Comprehensive Research University. These are typically PhD granting institutions. In South Carolina, we have three CRUs - Clemson University, Medical University of South Carolina and University of South Carolina (Columbia campus).
  • PUI is for Predominantly Undergraduate Institution. In South Carolina, these are all other academic institutions. HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) such as Claflin University, South Carolina State University and Benedict College are also PUIs.

What is a “Target Faculty”?
Target faculty are faculty members who are supported by SC INBRE funds to develop their research program.

I am not currently tenured, but will be soon. Can I still apply?
As long as you are not tenured at the time of application or start of the program (if your proposal is selected), you may apply. 

What kinds of things are allowable in my DRP budget?
Allowable items include acceptable costs related to the proposed study – student/post compensation, travel, materials and supplies, animals (if applicable), publication costs, costs associated with use of core faculties/equipment, etc. For more information on budget planning, see this NIH webpage on developing a grant budget. 

Can I use facilities/services other those that you have listed in the solicitation?
Yes, you can use others, but you must provide a justification.

I’m at the USC Columbia Campus. Why can’t I apply?
Currently all of the USC Columbia slots are filled. These will be rotating off. Please watch for next year’s solicitation to see if any of the slots have opened up for you.